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The Market for Solar in the Petroleum Industry:

Solar Energy and the Petroleum Industry? Alternative Fuels to Aid our Transportation Business

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May 20th
2:00 pm EDT


Alden Hathaway, PE, CEM | Program Director of Power and Renewable Energy

Oil and water do not mix. Some say that about solar and petroleum. But pairing solar and petroleum can provide alternative fuel solutions that aid our transitioning transportation business. Solar has been a companion to the petroleum and pipeline business since the beginnings of the solar and has been providing cathodic protection and power for instrumentation for the oil pipelines since the late 1960s.

Now solar energy is embarking on a new exciting play to help the petroleum industry transition to alternative fuels for our transportation needs. From support in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, assistance for the creation of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and lowering the cost of refining, storing and pumping the fuel, solar energy is now playing a vital role with the Petroleum industry in reducing our collective carbon footprint.

This webinar will explore the opportunities that solar energy brings to refineries, pipeline companies and terminal stations in the net zero carbon movement.